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Analysis of dead livestock and poultry harmless treatment countermeasures

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Analysis of dead livestock and poultry harmless treatment countermeasures

1. Strengthen publicity and education

Government function unit's first task is to do a good job of propaganda and education, in addition to the usual way to pass out leaflets and put up posters and other education, government departments should focus on in order to strengthen the instruction in the law and regulations to carry out education, to help farmers make the standardization of the dead livestock and poultry processing, to avoid more damage and death of livestock and poultry.

2. Strengthen animal epidemic prevention work

In order to help the orderly development of livestock and poultry work, veterinary units located in rural areas should actively do a good job of epidemic prevention, ensure the safety of all kinds of poultry farmers, and try to avoid the occurrence of large areas of livestock and poultry disease and death. In addition, we should do a good job of file backup of dead livestock and poultry in each breeding farm to ensure that every dead poultry is properly handled, which is also conducive to the prevention of related diseases or viruses. At the same time, in order to better prevention, epidemic prevention group, the grass-roots level, to carry on the scientific statistics, including some large farms, both to the improvement of the monitored epidemic prevention measures, in order to improve the management ability, and further provide scientific help for epidemic prevention and quarantine work, thus, reduce the risk of livestock and poultry, the important role in the present work.

3. Increase subsidies for harmless treatment of sick and dead livestock and poultry

For innocent treatment of rural individual farmers and death of livestock and poultry, the government should give unit of dead livestock and poultry in certain economic compensation, for all the expenses incurred on the treatment of bodies of livestock and poultry, the government should also actively subsidies, to ensure that farmers would not dead livestock and poultry for sale to some good businesses, pose a threat to people's health. In order to better accomplish this goal, the government should incorporate the subsidy policy of livestock and poultry into the conventional financial expenditure, and reward some farmers who actively achieve the harmless treatment of diseased livestock and poultry to a certain extent, so as to commend their enthusiasm, so as to ensure the long-term standardized and effective treatment of diseased livestock and poultry.

4. Establish harmless treatment facilities for dead animals

In rural areas, a relatively cheap land price and accessible area should be selected as a special place for harmless treatment of sick and dead livestock and poultry, so as to carry out effective treatment work in the whole area. At the same time, the treatment site also needs to be equipped with experienced full-time technical personnel and advanced operating equipment, in order to better improve the relevant work efficiency.

5. Strengthen supervision, law enforcement and management

At present, the commonly used regulatory process in our country is as follows. First, all functional departments carry out routine inspection work of the whole region farmers on the basis of at least a month, aiming at the former criminal record or key supervision object, also need to conduct random check. At the same time, in the process of inspection, the relevant supervision personnel should carefully complete the writing of the daily supervision Checklist according to the national norms. Some farmers' wrong operation and behavior must be improved within the specified time.

6. Establish a standard breeding file and report system

Although at present our country constantly emphasizes the importance of supervision work, there may still be some negligence. In order to better solve the problem of the treatment of sick and dead livestock and poultry, each region should also establish a moderate reporting system, encourage the farmers of each region to carry out the benign supervision of each other. In view of the public reporting project, the corresponding functional departments should attack hard, thoroughly investigate the nonstandard behavior, to ensure that the sick and dead livestock and poultry are standardized and orderly harmless treatment, to ensure the health and safety of our people.

7. Establish an information network for sick and dead livestock and poultry and a standing team for rapid processing

Part of the individual farmers in China don't report of dead livestock and poultry, from the actual situation of regional supervision co., LTD., local governments should be the record of the rural area increase a full-time staff, including orderly farmers and functional departments of the related supervision statistical work, to be perfect to record, report and feedback. At the same time, rural cadres should also allocate good breeding, slaughtering, selling and supervision of each process and other project leaders, to make clear that each dead livestock and poultry harmless treatment of the perfect. Only a benign breeding, selling and supervision process can be formed to ensure that every case of dead livestock and poultry in the region is properly handled. The establishment of the system network, must do a clear division of labor, and constantly improve the communication and interaction in each link, to ensure that the whole unit can cooperate and advance, practically for the disease and death of livestock and poultry harmless treatment and ensure the safety of the masses to make contributions.

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