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Animal harmless treatment equipment troubleshooting methods

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The harmless treatment of dead animals in livestock farms is an important part of livestock pollution control, and it is mainly the large-scale livestock breeding in China, which produces a large number of dead livestock and poultry every year. How to reasonably carry out harmless treatment and resource utilization of these resources is related to physical health, sustainable and stable development of the living environment, social and economic benefits, so the promotion and popularization of animal harmless treatment equipment is the current need to pay attention to things. Then the next dead livestock and poultry harmless treatment equipment manufacturers to take you to understand the equipment is more common failures and solutions!

1. The equipment has no negative pressure: no bubble sound can be heard in the equipment. The reason is that the dynamic water pressure is not enough, and there is no pressure difference between the front and back of the water jet, so the water pressure can not drive the work. The water pressure needs to be adjusted, the safety valve is open and needs to be reset, and the orifice valve is leaking.

2. The temperature controller of the animal harmless treatment equipment does not heat up after electricity: the temperature is displayed between the specified set value, the water temperature is low, and the green light is not displayed. This is because the thermal resistance line is open, or the thermal resistance contacts are severely corroded or poorly contacted. Open the rear cover of the device and use a multimeter to measure whether the circuit is open. If it rusts, clean it with sandpaper; If the water temperature is very low, the temperature display is very low, and the green light is on for a long time, it means that the heating pipe is broken, or the heating pipe is broken or the wire is rusty. The heating pipe should be replaced or the dirt should be cleaned. If the water temperature is very low, the temperature display is low, and the fault light is on, then the water level gauge is faulty. Check that the wire between the electrode and the thermostat is disconnected. If the electrode is used for a long time, there will be a layer of scale around the electrode. If the wires and electrodes are correct, the water gauge may be disconnected.

3. The water temperature of the animal harmless treatment equipment is too high (greater than the set value) : the temperature display exceeds the set value and continues to rise, indicating that the temperature indicator is broken. When REPLACING the display instrument, the power supply should be cut off, otherwise the plug-in may not be in good contact, resulting in the disorder of the display instrument. When the water temperature is very high but the meter is below the set value, the reason is that the temperature display meter is incorrectly connected with the level control meter. Please replace the line head.

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