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How to dispose of manure in livestock farms

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How to dispose of manure in livestock farms

At present, many breeding units and farmers are not satisfied with the comprehensive utilization of livestock manure. Some of them dump livestock manure on the roadside or by the side of pits, resulting in waste and pollution. Some are used as fertilizer in fields or fish ponds without treatment, which has a negative impact on production. In order to help farmers turn waste into treasure, make full use of livestock manure, livestock manure processor will now be introduced to the general livestock farmers.

When a certain size of livestock farm is formed, the treatment and utilization of livestock manure is very important. Livestock manure is not only a good fertilizer, but also because it contains high nutritional value. About 36.4 kg per animal per year and 4.0 kg per animal per year. Comprehensive utilization of livestock manure can greatly improve the sanitary environment of livestock farms, eliminate mosquitoes, flies, odor, reduce the spread of diseases, and can make full use of this resource as feed, fertilizer, etc., so that livestock manure waste into treasure, produce better social, ecological and economic benefits.

Especially in the summer, are generally water livestock manure, livestock excrement very loose, dig a cesspool of outside will soon be full, some take up more land, very trouble to handle, such as a farming to a chicken farm to pay a 5000 only two or three days a waste requires two people to come up with the time of day, some into the bag thrown into the woods, some row into the county, Few people sell and almost no one buys wet livestock waste, resulting in environmental pollution and waste of livestock waste. In view of this breeding situation, for the needs of the environment, in order to reduce the cost of breeding personnel, the promotion of harmless treatment equipment.

An animal waste treatment equipment by submerged pump or pump on the livestock excrement to device, cutting by screw extrusion, realize the separation of waste and sewage, can put the water cut in more than 70% of the wet livestock waste treatment into water at about 35% dry livestock manure, can be directly bagging, or easy to dry, the wind can be saved for a long time, Sold to organic fertilizer manufacturers, planting greenhouses, feeding fish, etc., manure water can be poured after precipitation or simple fermentation or dilution, is a good nutrient solution, crop yield more than 15%. One hour can deal with livestock manure wet material 6 or so, a little on the scale of the farm one hour a day to solve the headache of feces, do not worry about the lack of place at home, rainy day livestock manure everywhere flow problem.

For ordinary farmers, selling livestock waste not only reduces the cost of farming, but also solves the problem of water pollution caused by the local livestock industry, which is a win-win deal.

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