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How to deal with the problem of feather powder equipment clogging?

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There are many reasons for the blockage of feather powder equipment, but to correctly understand the product, it is necessary to learn methods and skills. In this way, we can master the use effect of the product. Following the dead livestock and poultry harmless treatment equipment manufacturers to simply understand how to deal with the problem of feather powder processing equipment blockage.

1. The viscosity of the material is too high

If the viscosity of the material to be dried is too high, the material is easy to adhere to the inner wall of the drum after entering the dryer. If the cleaning equipment in the roller can not remove the adhesive in time, the longer the cleaning time. The more products, the more barrier materials formed. Therefore, for high viscosity materials, we need to clean the interior accordingly, in order to remove the adhering material in time.

2. The water content of the material is too high

Material moisture content is too high, in the drying process is easy to agglomerate, affect the feed efficiency, and even block the material in the dryer. In this case, we need to strictly control the water supply to prevent blockage.

3. The heat in the dryer is insufficient

The dehydration of materials is mainly carried out under the action of heat transfer. If the heat in the drum is insufficient, the moisture in the material with high humidity cannot be removed quickly, thus extending the residence time of the material in the drum. Therefore, it is easy to clog the material. Therefore, ensuring adequate heat and stable temperature is one of the key factors to prevent clogging of materials.

There are many factors affecting the drying of feather powder equipment. The main factor is the material distribution in the cylinder. The material distribution is affected by the structure of the lifting plate and the speed of the cylinder. The dryer can use different speed for different structure size of lifting plate. The speed of the feather dryer is actually fixed.

In order to make the material evenly distributed in each part of the roller cross section and have good contact with the drying medium, a lifting plate is installed in the roller of the drying equipment. The types of lifting plates are as follows:

1. Lifting plate: used for bulk materials and materials bonded with drum wall.

2, cross or rack lifting plate: suitable for fragile, easy to disperse small pieces of material, so that the material evenly dispersed in the whole section of the cylinder.

3, sleeve lifting plate: double heat transfer (or radiation heating) roller dryer lifting plate.

4. Fan lift plate is suitable for materials with very fine particles and easy to fly powder. As soon as the material is fed, it is stacked on the grid. As the material falls lower, the dry material is less likely to be carried away by the gas.

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