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What problems exist in the harmless treatment method of dead pigs

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What problems exist in the harmless treatment method of dead pigs

1. The harmless treatment rate is low, and the environmental pollution will be very serious

Some farmers may dispose of dead pigs in fields or woodlands for convenience without reporting them to the local livestock and veterinary department. If this method is adopted and no one notices or reports it, the animal husbandry and veterinary departments cannot deal with it in a timely manner. And over time, the bodies decompose and can contaminate the surrounding environment or become a new source of disease.

2. The harmless treatment compensation mechanism is not perfect

Although there are compensation policies for the harmless disposal of diseased pigs, these mechanisms tend to benefit larger farms. Small farmers will not enjoy the preferential policy, so it is difficult to carry out harmless treatment in rural areas. Although large-scale farms can enjoy this policy, but the compensation fee is not high, there is no way to meet the cost of some disinfection equipment needed for harmless treatment of livestock farms.

3. Non-standard treatment

Because not all farmers can realize the importance of harmless treatment of dead pigs, so many farmers are not standardized treatment. Harmless treatment of dead pigs can protect the ecological environment and enhance the safety awareness of farmers for animal epidemic prevention and control.

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