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The advantages of pig farm harmless treatment equipment compared with traditional treatment methods

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Dead pigs in pig farms need to be disposed of promptly to prevent the spread of the disease. Traditional treatment methods are divided into deep burial, incineration, fermentation and chemical treatment. This page describes in detail the advantages of harmless treatment equipment compared with traditional treatment methods.

First, the comparative advantages of deep burial treatment

1. Time-saving: If we choose to dispose of dead pigs by deep burial, we need to spend energy on site selection. The burial site is far away from residential areas, schools and water sources, and we need to dig a deep pit with a depth of 2m-7m, which is 1m higher than the underground water level.

The pig farm harmless treatment equipment only needs to push the pig into the equipment, start the machine, in 2-4 hours can be solved, very time-saving.

2. Recycle

The harmless treatment equipment of pig farm has the advantage of recycling. The deep burial treatment method needs to occupy land resources, which is not a long-term solution for large-scale breeding farms.

Second, the comparative advantages of incineration treatment

Environmental protection: the smoke from incineration pollutes the environment. And the pig farm harmless treatment equipment uses the method of high temperature to sterilize and melt the dead pig, and the odor produced is treated by the deodorization tank or exhaust gas equipment, which has the advantage of environmental protection.

Three, compared with the fermentation treatment advantages

Short cycle: Fermentation treatment is through compost, rely on microorganisms to degrade animal carcasses, although can kill pathogenic microorganisms, but the treatment cycle is too long, in case of large-scale diseases can not be solved.

The batch processing capacity of the harmless treatment equipment can reach more than 30 tons, and the processing time is only 3-4 hours. The short processing time can solve the sudden large-scale animal death event.

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