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How to deal with dead animals and poultry

Release Time:2022-8-2 11:07:35      Hit Count:321

First of all, we need to understand the harm of dead livestock and poultry. The meat of dead livestock and poultry refers to the meat of animals that died due to the disease or the ingestion of pesticides, rodenticides, heavy metals and other toxic substances. Illness ChuQinRou is absolutely inedible, but some farmers driven by interests, after the occurrence of livestock and poultry has died, not at the first time report the animal health supervision institutions, but by livestock and poultry to buy trafficking organization sells dead livestock and poultry to illegal slaughterhouses, illegal slaughterhouses will dead livestock and poultry slaughtering, segmentation, and even after the ground, and illegal sales market for consumers to purchase, This kind of disease dead livestock and poultry meat inferior is harmful, has caused a great threat to the health of consumers.

In order to deal with dead livestock and poultry, through mature high temperature pyrolysis gasification technology, to solve the treatment of dead livestock and poultry harmless reduction.

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